When AGI meets Big Data and IoT

When AGI meets Big Data and IoT

We are a start-up and work on Next Generation AI, the next generation of artificial intelligence systems which will expand their knowledge independently.

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BOSON Architecture

BOSON Architecture

A blueprint for a modern and future-oriented dataflow management architecture.

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Neural Product Planning

Neural Product Planning

Only through the automatic evaluation of globally available information can medium-term and long-term forecasts that are critical to competition be made in a timely manner.

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Cognitive Business Intelligence

Cognitive Business Intelligence

The BI of the future works with Next Generation AI and independently delivers KPI's that show customer needs and requirements faster and better.

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We use an infrastructure that is based on Hybrid Cloud and On Demand Compute, which integrates various data streams and uses Big Data for processing and analyzing as Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure.

Learn more about these topics and how your business can benefit from the Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure of MySecondWay.

We have been successfully engaged in Apache NiFi and Streaming Architecture consulting and planning since 2015. Since 2019, we have been consulting in AIaaS, Blockchain, Quantum Computing and Cryptocurrencies.

Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure

Neural Product Planningby MySecondWay

With Neural Product Planning, we work on self-learning systems that collect and analyze information and provide independent conclusions about a company's supply chain.

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BOSON Architectureby MySecondWay

A modern enterprise architecture supports the business, is low-maintenance and flexible. We show how this can be achieved and how millions of events can be processed per second.

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Cognitive BIby MySecondWay

The future of business intelligence lies in self-learning systems which help to understand customers and their needs faster and better.

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We work with the best…

Apache Drill
Google Cloud

Focus on Business Processes

Our definition of Big Data is, “the right results at the right time”. Business processes must be able to ingest and process in a timely fashion - regardless of the volume of data.

Our Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure provides the optimal solution for you to speed up existing processes, evaluations, reports or analyses.

Focus on Business Processes

Reduced cost and better utilization

In modern infrastructures, only that which is required continuously for a business to run smoothly is kept in the company’s internal private or on-premises cloud.

During fluctuations and power peaks, with a public cloud provider service, overall capacity is automatically expanded and reduced as needed. This approach is called On Demand Compute.

The combination of private cloud and public cloud, called Hybrid Cloud, along with On Demand Compute maximizes business process and analysis acceleration while lowering TCO.

Our Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure offers all these advantages and many more solutions for your successful passageway into the Internet of Anything.

The benefits of our Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure

Use competitive advantages

Successful companies rely on a Data-Driven Culture to develop a competitive advantage. A data-driven organization is built on Big Data and DevOps, and uses On Demand Compute to speed up processes while lowering costs.

The MySecondWay Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure is built on OpenStack, Hadoop/YARN, and Spark. This ensures flexibility for new analytical methods and processes to be added at any time.

Integrating Big Data into your existing structures

Our experienced team will provide you with the best solutions for integrating modern Big Data into your existing SOA environment, databases, Message Queuing, BI systems, and other legacy systems.

With MySecondWay, you get the best of both worlds - we integrate your existing enterprise architecture into a modern Big Data and DevOps infrastructure.

Secure your sensitive data

Security is the most important issue with On Demand Compute.

With modern Big Data and DevOps environments, your sensitive data will be encrypted before it passes into the public cloud. This process is fully automated and carried out in accordance with the latest security policies.

Moreover your data can be protected within your private cloud to enable access to authorized users and processes only.

Real-Time Analysis

With real-time analytics you step into a new dimension of business intelligence. Existing BI systems are expanded and improved by the Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure of MySecondWay.

Analysts and Marketing have the capability to perform ad hoc queries themselves in a timely fashion as if the data had been pre-calculated.

Modern analyses and faster reporting

Fast, flexible and future-proof reporting and modern analysis. Modern analysis gives you new insights into your core business. 

Our Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure enables your business to analyze data from all internal and external channels. 

Explore results in scope and speed far beyond everything that previously had been possible.

DevOps is more than just Development and Operations

Modern DevOps supports your company in all aspects. Less administration, automatic handling of bottlenecks, provision of the correct IT working environment for business and development, faster and correct deployment, rollout of new working sets in minutes and high overall cost efficiency.

Your company benefits from automated processes and rule-based workflows that lead to less failure and faster processing.

Modern IT is simple, efficient and economical

You can reduce operational cost, maintain business processes in time, and meet requirements with computer power which automatically increases or decreases depending on your needs. 

The MySecondWay Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure helps your IT department to meet the needs of your business processes.

You can keep focused on business goals with transparent monitoring and system control.

Reduce TCO

With On Demand Compute, investments are optimized with computer farms, which reduces your fixed costs by spreading your staff costs and decreasing amortization.

Business processes are accelerated like never before with an Integrated Hybrid Infrastructure from MySecondWay.

With our multi-cloud Metric Driven Monitoring keeping everything at your fingertips, reports and analyses are available whenever you need them.

From Internet of Things to Internet of Anything

In modern enterprises massive data streams originated from separate sources such as sensors, machines, Web clicks, Social Feeds, server logs, and much more form the input for business.

Together these data streams build the Internet of Anything (IoAT). The amount of incoming data requires rethinking of how individual areas or entire Data Lakes are analyzed, evaluated and saved in real time.

By using Big Data Pipelines data streams are routed through the company to be analyzed and aggregated where required, at any time. Simple. Customizable. Safe. In real-time.

From Internet of Things to Internet of Anything

Data Driven Business

Together with your CDO (Chief Data Officer) for Data Provenance/Data-Lineage, data security and monetization of all corporate data with modern analyzes and prediction. Data-driven processes provide fast and cost-effective processing of all IoAT.

Get deep insights into your business and your markets with high-performance graph databases and modern analytical methods, in real-time. Whenever you want.

Data Driven Business
My Second Way

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